Amazing Tetris is a simple Tetris clone developed in Allegro.pas and programmed in Pascal. The game was designed to follow the official Tetris guidelines (where known) as much as possible. It contains two game modes: Survival, where you try to stay in game for as long as possible, and Line Clear, where you try to get as many points as possible with a limited number of clearable lines. The game also offers the possibility to customise background music and image used during play. Even animated background images are possible.

Amazing Tetris originally started as a school project in Computer Science. The team consisted of three of my classmates and me. After graduating from school I then polished and extended the game myself, completely rewriting all parts of the code not originally written by me. I added various features to the game such as multi-language support (using a custom UTF-8 file format), customisable background music and image, victory screens and more. I also replaced all music and sound effects in the game by copyright-free versions (except for the menu music, which is a remix of the original Tetris theme).

Being my first ever completed game project, Amazing Tetris was developed without any knowledge of object-oriented programming or advanced game development techniques. Since then I’ve gained a lot of game programing experience, making Amazing Tetris my only game of this kind.

(Confirmed working on Windows XP and later – 32- or 64-bit)

Original team:
Lars Sonnen
Matthias Müller
Michael Willems
Markus Wall