Gridforce is a 3D Fun Racer for iPad developed in Unity 3D and programmed in C#. The game can best be described as “Tron meets Mario Kart”. Your goal is to earn points by destroying the vehicles of your friends. This can be done by either making them drive in your own vehicle’s light barrier or by using any of the items spread throughout the arena. Unlike classic Tron racers, Gridforce supports full 3D arenas, meaning you can drive on walls and ceilings. It contains four different vehicles and four different arenas of varying difficulty. Additionally, it supports local network multiplayer for up to four players.

Gridforce was my third project at Games Academy and my first ever 3D project, as well as my first project for mobile platforms and my first network multiplayer game. I was responsible for implementing most of the gameplay features (like core gameplay and items) as well as the network multiplayer. Originally we were planning to also release the game on Windows Surface, but due to the network limitations of Windows Store apps and some other difficulties we decided to focus on iPad/iOS, which later turned out to be the right decision since it gave us more time to focus on gameplay features.

The final game was received quite well at Games Academy and was also showcased at GDC 2014, making it one of my most successful projects so far.

The team:
Celine Pradella – Team Lead, Game Design
Josua Hagedorn – Game Design, Programming, Audio
Stella Behrendt – Art
Mike Hommel – Art
Markus Wall – Programming